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Introduced in March of 2008, Raincoat® has been in development for 13 years. The developers were determined to offer a c
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Packaging includes

- 4 sachets of Raincoat

- Cloth sponge

- Cotton Buffing cloth

Easy to apply and long lasting, Raincoat® has a special wax blend that is suspended in a volatile oil. These waxes are hydrophobic, that is, they ‘hate’ water. They repel water by beading up the drops. Because those beads of water have less contact with your plastic optics, the larger ones run off with gravity or the wind. The remaining water will appear as smaller and more rounded droplets rather than a smear that distorts your vision. By repelling the water, the trapped dirt and salts stay off your lenses or shields. So you will not need to clean them as often. Aso, it has been reported that ice and snow find it difficult to stick to plastic surfaces coated with Raincoat® Advanced Water Repellent Coating.


Raincoat® does not work on glass

Good for - Airplane Windows, Safety Goggles, Glasses, Sunglasses, Hazmat Suits, Firefighter Visors, SCBA, Helmet Faceshields, Windshields, Football Eyeguards, Outdoor Security Camera Domes, Equipment Viewing Windows (Machine Tools, Food Processing, Paper Mills, Water Washing or Blasting), Parking Meter Domes or Windows, Boat Windows and Isinglass, Jet Canopies, Helicopter Windows, Recumbent Bike Enclosures, Hockey Masks and Eye Guards, Basketball Goggles.

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