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Cleaning kit 2 pack

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Keep your Pipercross air filter in peak condition with a filter service kit. Each kit includes 75ml of Dirt Retention Additive and 75ml Cleaner, all you need to service your filter.

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The superior foam construction of Pipercross filters allows them to hold more dirt and remain efficient for two to three times longer than conventional paper or cotton gauze filters. When the time does come to clean your filter, this cleaning fluid helps remove debris and contaminants from the multi-layer foam media, restoring proper airflow.


  • STEP ONE: Remove excess dirt by gently brushing the filter.
  • STEP TWO: Apply cleaning additive liberally. Massage in with soft brush. Allow to soak for around 5 minutes.
  • STEP THREE: Flush the filter out with warm water from the clean side of the foam to the dirty side.
  • STEP FOUR: Allow the filter to dry naturally (do not apply any heat to the filter!!)
  • STEP FIVE: Lightly apply dirt retention additive to both sides of the filter.
  • STEP SIX: Wipe off the excess additive.

Steps two, three and four may need to be repeated until the filter is clean.

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